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Over The Wall Thinking is a teamwork, innovation and organizational change series developed and taught by Andy Papathanassiou. Andy is a Stanford University master’s graduate who has been involved in NASCAR racing since 1991. His coaching, team-building and innovation talents have helped transform the industry and been part of hundreds of wins and multiple championships with Hendrick Motorsports for decades.

Andy Papathanassiou takes us into this world starting with his personal story and how his career in NASCAR began, oddly enough, by breaking the law! How passion overcomes obstacles and makes things happen. He talks about the make-up of highly successful teams. Whether it's pit crews, sales teams or groups that come together to accomplish any goal, the characteristics of successful teams are universal. Andy discusses leadership and the role of the individual. He coined the term, "Over The Wall Thinking," to describe his philosophy. Over The Wall Thinking focuses on the athletic mindset. It doesn't matter if you know anything about or participated in competitive sports such as racing. It doesn't even matter if you like sports at all. The cognitive building blocks of competitive athletics give each of us the ability to lead a more engaged, successful and happier life.

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The Over the Wall program can be delivered through three stand-alone yet integrated methodologies - keynote address, OTW team building seminar and on-site consulting.


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We've worked with teams from large corporations, race teams, small businesses and everything in between! Bring Over The Wall Thinking to your organization.


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